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Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break ~ Family Day

When Five Guys says “Burgers and Fries,” they mean burgers and fries. I was a little surprised when I walked in and looked at the menu….Burgers and fries make up the entire menu, except for hot dogs and a grilled cheese or veggie sandwich.  The burgers actually taste like meat—what a burger you’d make from scratch at home might taste like.

According to Five Guys, they use only fresh 80/20 ground beef that’s never frozen and serve it on fresh baked buns. Five Guys also serves up terrific tasting fries made from skin-on Russet taters, cooked in peanut oil….today’s potatoes were from Sugar City, Idaho…and when they say large order, that is exactly what you get.

Speaking of peanuts, there are free peanuts to nibble on while you wait for your burger. Located in The Commons at South Towne.

   five guys sandy

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After a fun lunch we were off to Jordan Commons to see the movie “Hop”….Kendry’s first attempt at the movies!   He did so awesome, watched for almost an hour and then took his afternoon nap.

 P1080493P1080503 P1080501

Hop is a tale about sons being unable to live up to the ideals of their fathers, being told what is expected, being seen as soft and unable to exert any say in what they really want to do in life.

The movie begins on Easter Island (Where else would the Easter Bunny live??and I immediately thought what a great lesson to teach my GD as soon as we get home!).  The reigning Easter Bunny decides that its time for his son to start learning the ropes as its almost time for him to take over the job, but EB, like all teenagers, has plans of his own, and none of them include being his dad’s successor.  Nevertheless, he accompanies his dad to work.  Dad runs a massive Easter Candy  factory, which is located under one of the giant stone heads on the island.

  It is here that we are introduced to Carlos, an over-sized chick, who is pretty unhappy as the 2ic(you know second in command) to the Easter Bunny and runs the candy production side of the operation.

Wow, what a wondrous factory it is…. hundreds of bunnies and chicks running around manufacturing the most delectable treats and packing them into baskets to be delivered to the children of the world, by the Easter Bunny!  Carlos fancies himself as the next Easter Bunny, but really…I mean come on… have you ever seen an Easter Bunny Chicken???  Exactly!  The thought is absurd, and never once crossed Daddy Easter Bunny’s mind, which infuriates the chicken and inevitably,  results in an attempted hostile takeover!

On the eve of his succession to the coveted Easter Bunny position, EB runs away from home, and heads to Hollywood, determined to pursue his career as a drummer.

But, when he lands in Hollywood, he soon finds out, like most hopeful musicians (you only have to watch Idols!),  that becoming a star is easier said than done. “Hoff” gives him a standing O as a rising star.

Dejected, hungry and lonesome, he runs into (literally) Fred (a real live person, played by James Marsden), who is in an equally dejected state, after being lovingly kicked out of his parents home and being told to pull himself together, get a job, and make a life for himself.

The adventures of Fred and EB are fun…fun… and more fun, and the ending is just too heart-warming for words! I’m thinking this will be an Easter tradition ….just like “The Christmas Story”!  We’ll be adding this to our DVD collection.

Hop 4 Hop 1 Hop 2 Hop 3

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