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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

PSST…Rumor/roomer has it we are being FRAMED

Framing wood

How often do I visit the lot….sometimes several times a day.   Today was an off day for the workers but the lumber did arrive for the framing!  Soon it will look like progress is being made.

Framing 2

Framing 3

I’ll be back tomorrow!

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Cement Crew


Busy Day at Thompson Pasture/No Longer A Pasture

Cement Concrete Pumping Crane
The operator was very worried the truck was going to tip over because the ground was so soft....

The truck survived...the floors were poured and then......

The Rain came...hoping that all will be well tomorrow morning!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Still Gravel

Travis has been working on the property since the first day they broke ground.   He was there last night until well after 7:00.   Cement was suppose to be poured today….rain rain go away!   I promise to be very patient during this process because rain will definitely cause problems if the cement is poured.   Framers were set to be on site Monday morning.  Forecast is for more rain tomorrow and Monday, so updates will follow when the rain quits washing the spiders out!   Come on Sun dry up all the rain!  

gravel work 1

gravel work 2gravel work 3

gravel work 5

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Gurrrrrr Rajs!!!

Soon this will be a cement floor…the place where Hockey Gear sleeps at night! Oh how I hope there is room for the cars!


Still Dirt!

Today it is just dirt with lots of trenches, gravel, cement and pipes.   We can’t wait until our dirt is something more. 

backfilling 1


Daft specks all around.

Individual residences soon to be found.

Rectangular halls rooms

Timbered roof line.

sewer trenchesSewer trenches 2

backfilling 2

Monday, May 7, 2018

Time for Poetry - Our Favorite School Subject–Recess

Recess! Oh, Recess!


Recess! Oh, Recess!

We love you! You rule!

You keep us away

from the teachers in school.

Your swings are refreshing.

Your slides are the best.

You give us a break

from a really hard test.

Recess! Oh, Recess!

We want you to know,

you’re sweeter than syrup,

you’re special like snow.

You don’t assign homework.

You make the day fun.

You let us play kickball

and run in the sun.

Recess! Oh, Recess!

You’re first on our list.

We’d be in despair

if you didn’t exist.

We’re happy we have you.

You’re awesome and cool.

Recess! Oh, Recess!

We love you! You rule!

Today We Pray for Energy

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today we pray that You willl sustain us for this new journey. Energize us to lift our heads and take one step forward into today. Though we never thought this opportunity would come, we are grateful for each day as it comes.  Starting over is a luxury we never thought we could afford. But then, a gift, a surprise, a miracle. And here we are, rich with opportunity, staring down a clean slate, and standing on the edge of the brightest horizon.

For this, O Father we thank You. For this, we stand in awe. For this, we pray for the courage to believe it’s true and the wisdom to have faith that this will be a blessing we will all cherish. Starting over is joy, trepidation, and celebration. Sometimes starting over is the opportunity we never wanted and other times it’s the second chance we never dreamed we’d get.

As we stand at new beginnings and grieve those long goodbyes that we know will be there for we have already felt the tug to stay in place, teach us what it means to hold onto what we need for the journey and gently let the rest go. Keep pace with us as we learn to keep pace with You. Thank You for not rolling Your eyes when we find ourselves here again saying the prayer over and over again.  Thank You for never leaving us alone.

We pray for the spirit of love to abide with us always,  In Jesus Name Amen.


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cabin Life

When I'm a grownup,
I would like a home away from home.
A cabin, perhaps, isolated from the world,
where there would be a pond just up the way with ducks.
Maybe I will also have a treehouse, or a hammock,
where I would read and watch my grandbabies play in the water!

Will at the Cabin

May 5th– When Everyone Acts Like Wa-na-bes

While the boys are playing hockey in Logan – we celebrated Cinco de Mayo here at home.

Coctel de Camarones estilo Mexicano – Ali has mastered this recipe and everyone loves it!

shrimp camron

While the boys were enjoying ice-cream we enjoyed
El Burrito!   Glad Mike Gallegos was working he is the best chef ever!

Cinco de myo

Did We Clean the Sink in Logan??

Back in Logan for another game of hockey with Zane, Kendry, and Ryder.   Playing full ice is great for these guys who love to feel the need for speed non-stop!

Yes they won 5 – 4.   Kendry had 4 goals today, 2 off of rebounds from Zane, and 1 from an assist by Zane.   Zane scored a goal – he said the goalie caught the puck but it was over the line in his glove so he should get credit for that!!!    The boys made friends with Zander who is from the Logan team.   Hockey family just keeps growing. 

After the game it was off to Angie’s ….where the locals eat! Time to see how this challenge we have heard about works.   An entire sink is brought to your table filled with mounds of vanilla ice cream, two whole bananas, whipped cream, nuts and, a cherry on top.  ‘Cleaning Angie’s Sink’ is a challenge many Utahns take on in hopes of earning the coveted bumper sticker rewarded to all who can finish the giant dessert.

kitchen sink 2

Kitchen sink 1


✿⊱╮♥The Manhattans - Kiss And Say Goodbye.✿⊱╮♥

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hoping I Survive This Process!

I’m sure the contractors are already tired of me asking so many questions and wanting the answer to make sense to me….Our plumber is doing an amazing job.   He has found a few errors that we are having to work around/errors created by measurements not being accurate to plans!!!   That is why I hope I survive without freaking out on a daily basis! 

plumbing jokeFloor pipes

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Call The Best, Flush The Rest!

River Ridge Plumbing

Gage was on Thompson Pasture very early this morning.   He will be working until sunset to make sure everything is done correctly.   He pointed out a few issues to us, but assured us that he can do the job and it will FLUSH!

Plumbing Pipes

Plumbing PipesPlumbing 2

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

French Drains

Tomorrows project….gravel for french drains

  • Excavating 8” below top of foundation footing allows clearance for applying a 4” gravel bed layer and positioning the 4” diameter french drain level with top of footing.
  • Additional gravel is applied 6” above top of french drain filtering the below grade ground water prior to percolating into french drains perforations.
  • French drain perforations “weep holes” are positioned downward in gravel bed allowing water percolation into perforations.
  • Reducing the volume of standing water at base of footing prevents hydrostatic pressure and water migration under footing and slab locations.

How Firm Our Foundation!

foundation board removedHere is what I was told by the work crew ---- even though they speak very broken English….Poured concrete establishes about half of its final strength after about one week of curing. What is curing…well curing is defined as a chemical process the concrete goes through in the days immediately after it is poured.  Full strength does not occur for 28 to 60 days, depending on conditions, the building process can begin when the foundations are about 50 percent cured, which is anywhere from 4 – 6 days depending on the temperature!   Of course it had to rain this week.  April is over – what’s up with the showers! I need my May Flowers!IMG_6459

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Preview of Things to Come

It seems like a slow process – or does everyone just move in slow motion in the building world?   Daily drives have seen very little progress over the past week.  Supervisor told us they would be pouring foundation on Wednesday, and they would be ready for underground plumbing on Friday or Saturday.   Well here it is Saturday and what are they doing – just barely putting forms in place.  I talked to the crew asking, “Will the foundation be poured today?”  No No Maybe Monday – was their response.  I inform them the plumber will be there on Tuesday – their response – SORRY!   I said, “Not, Sorry!” with a forced bit of laughter!      foundation forms 1foundation forms 2foundation worker waving

foundation company truckcollage of foundation forms

Choices this week included adding a few updates to the cabinets.   I want the upper cupboards to have clear glass with lighting.  I will need a step ladder to get to them so I figure they might as well be nice display cases.  The picture is just what I gave to the cabinet guy to match as close as possible to what I am looking for. 

Kitchen cabinet ideas

We also got an idea of what our appliances will be…I’m excited about having a Fridge and Freezer that match and are next to each other.  No more running downstairs for freezer items.  


The gas range – is not the pro model that J & J now have – but I don’t cook nearly as much as they do!   So this will be my work stations for cooking


I’ll be back on site – Monday.   Hope the cement crew will be pouring and vibrating it in place.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Footings Going in Place

Today the footings are going in place.  I have no idea what size they are, but the crew promised me they will hold up the concrete foundation walls and the wood frame. 
The crew of 3 promised me they are good at their job and told me the footings serve two main purposes. First they help “spread” out the load from the structure above. Secondly they create a level stable surface to begin building the foundation above on.
The pour truck will be on lot at 1:30 this afternoon and I will be back!
The Pumping Rig arrived….work will be complete late this afternoon.   Now we wait 3 days before it is ready for foundation walls.