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Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess or Cinderella

I know that not one of you knew I had been chosen to be the Royal Photograph…..yes siree quick trip over the sea and look what I got!

Honestly, none of that is the truth….I only did this post because  DH  complains every time there is anything on the tellie about the Royal Wedding….His quote exactly, “NO ONE CARES”…he is a bit delusional, actually there are billions of people who care.   I for one have just wonder what it would feel like a princess instead of the Cinderella that I really am around here.  Love you family.


kate and william wedding mommas hat

                                                  Momma’s Hat….a little on the expensive side, spoke with the designer yesterday!


fatherin lawDid you think about the in-laws…and have we had a long talk about how we are going to live with them!!!! william and kate

Congratulations and Best Wishes………….now back to reality for little old Cinderella (ME) the hoopla is over!

Wonder what is going to happen for dinner around here……..Not to worry fam/damn….I have it totally ready for the oven!

I’ll post again tonight with the Pork Chop and Rice Casserole……I know all you peasants/villagers/real people will love the easy recipe.