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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kendry’s Stylin’ Jewelry

Kendry turned 10 month at the beginning of April and he hasn’t cut his first tooth.  A few weeks ago, I learned from another mom about Baltic Amber Teething necklaces. So Grandma quickly jumped on Amazon.com and found just the one we were looking for. I’ve been putting a Baltic amber teething necklace on him in an attempt to help him through any discomfort he might have from teething…..which we have thought was happening since he was 4 months old.  P1080445

I remember when I first heard of these necklaces, and decided I wanted to look into buying one… I thought they were for chewing on. Geeze girl! It’s a necklace that is worn. The warmth from the baby’s skin causes the necklace to release small amounts of a healing oil, which are then absorbed into the baby’s skin, helping with inflammation and teething.

Baltic amber teething necklaces have high concentrations of sussinic acid in them and they’ve been used for hundreds of years (more details here). They can be worn by babies between ages 3 months to 2 years. Other reputed benefits are that they are soothing and calming for fussy babies, accelerate healing from the teething process, and have immune boosting properties.


Makes me want to get one for myself! Kendry wears his Baltic amber teething necklace all day and boy doesn’t he look super stylin’. But, when he sleeps at night, I take it off for safety purposes. I sometimes let him wear it during her naps, but that’s because someone is usually next to him while he sleeps to keep a close eye on him.

Does it work? All I can say so far, even though I’m not sure he is officially teething, is that it seems to be working! He hasn’t really fussed or acted as if he is experiencing pain or discomfort from teething. Of course, there are still no teeth showing….but there are little white bumps on his bottom gums.  Now, does that mean it’s the necklace? I don’t know. Could be….who knows, the teeth just don’t want to come through, but it is really kind of cool if it is. (Grandma bought Kendry’s necklace through Amazon here.)

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Nancy Mc said...

I was thinking, "if this necklace works for teething, I want one for what ails me". Then you wrote the same thing. Does it really work? Try Kendry's on and see if it works...I may just need one:)