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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Things

Our studies this week have focused on Spring Things That Grow. I found these popcorn rocks in the gift shop while in Wendover. They are covered with vinegar and are going to grow crystals when the vinegar is all evaporated. It will take about 3 weeks for the complete process, so the kids will come back to see their completed project sometime in May.
We also planted 4 little pots of 2 tomatoes, chives, and basil. We will transfer them to our garden in the backyard when they are 4 inches high. This will also probably take 3 weeks. Won't that be wonderful?

Outside in our neighbors back yard is a beautiful apricot tree with blossoms galore. We learned the song "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree", then went out and took this picture. The process of bud, flowering blossoms, and then apricots took some explaining. I hope that understand the concept.

This is how we finished lesson time today. We made Mother Goose Popcorn. My Aunt Mary put the recipe in our Famiglia di Buffo recipe book. Halie and Brevin had so much fun making the syrup to pour over the popcorn. They were so excited when we put the red food coloring into the mixture.

Here they are eating it up. We did all this before we even got dressed this morning. I know that is probably a no - no, but we did it anyway.

All this and it is just:
10:30 AM....I need a break!


nancy mc said...

Wow, Busy Grandma. Hope things are going well there. Not much time to be on the computer. Talk to you Soon!

jayedee said...

very very cool!
popcorn rocks?
'splain please???