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Friday, April 18, 2008

I have been looking for a couple of lamp bases for almost a month. My dad made these great stained glass table lamps. I thought they would look perfect in my new office. Finding just the right base was not all that easy. I shopped every place around to find them. DI, Salvation Army, Duncan Lighting, JC Penney, Sears, Target, Walmart.... finally I went to Kelly's Glass in Ogden....they are perfect.

Here are the two of them glowing in the office. See how nicely the one fits under my window. There are several lamps throughout my home that my father has made. DH would really like to take up the hobby. I don't know where he will find the time, but I think I'll surprise him with a beginners class that starts in May.
Wonder how that will go over???


Sandra said...

Oh those are beautiful...wow.

Hope you're having a wonderful saturday.

nancy mc said...

The lamps are beautiful. I'm sure Dh would 'love' the gift.