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Thursday, April 17, 2008

As Close As I Get to Being A Bird Farmer!

Look what arrived this morning. There were actually 4 Yellow Finches in our backyard. The kids were in the hot tub when they excitedly called "GRANDMA... Yellow Birds"... With watersquirts in hand they were over joyed.
The backyard is not very attractive at this time of year. Soon these bushes will be covered with lilac and the ground will have wild geraniums galore. The birds don't seem to mind the drabness of the branches.
And why is it the male bird is always so beautiful? Good thing that in the human world, females get all the credit for being beautiful.
These little gregarious birds are so fun to watch. There are usually 2 of them together. Today we were lucky and had 4 over for lunch.


Anonymous said...


jayedee said...

we have cardinals and blue jays galore but nothing as showy as these guys! how pretty they are! lucky you!

nancy mc said...

Your pictures are amazing! I have tried several times to capture the red and yellow finches at my feeders---and since you have never seen one on my blog, you know that it has not worked. Thanks for getting me started feeding the birds. Our whole family has enjoyed watching them.