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Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Friday we had Little C's Tree Service come to our yard. 3 guys and a huge truck pull up. They ask me which trees they are to trim.
Here they are....they proceed.
Several years ago, we had tree trimming done and when I came home I cried, screamed, and basically acted crazy because our trees were no longer trees and the neighbors laughed! So I explained to the guys I would like my trees to still look like trees. They proceed............I leave!

Before I leave I take a few pictures to remind me what my trees looked like. Here is the one of the kind guys climbing and cutting!

I come home.....trees look like this. I think it is wonderful. I still have actual trees.

I'm thinking DH is not going to be happy about this. He wants trees that don't look like trees......I'm positive. So I tell the guys, maybe you better take about 3 feet more off. They do!
Still the trees are looking pretty good!
Sure enough DH comes home and I can't begin to tell you....."WHAT DID THEY DO" "THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"
Capital letters so you get the full sound effects.
Now the neighbor down the street had his (I say his because I'm sure Diana doesn't want the tree to look like this) trees trimmed??? same day, same company and this is what his trees now look like.
DH takes me down to their home.....THIS IS WHAT OUR TREES ARE SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE. Of course, I knew that is what he would say... So I say.......
If you go down to Temple Square in SLC, you will not find 1 tree that looks like the above tree.
I have a friend take a picture of a tree on temple square just so my point is proven.

I know I didn't get a horticulture degree, so I'm really a fake horticulturist, but I kinda like trees to look like trees. If I wanted stumps ....I could just put a few stools in my front yard.
Help me out here! My argument is: Trees add to the beauty of our surrounds (not if they're stumps), they give us shade (not if they're stumps), and help make our air clean (without branches????).
Am I totally in left field on this. Well there aren't any trees in left field...so maybe I'm just up a tree!


nancy mc said...

I agree with YOU 100%. When guys TRIM trees so they look stupid...why would they do that anyway. Ivan gotten taken advantage of and Al doesn't even know that he is the lucky one. He did not have his trees uglified!

jayedee said...

i am so on board with YOU girl! that whole "cut 'em into stumps" must be a guy thing 'cause it's danny's mind set as well! *sighs*