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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Oh What A Night"

Friday night we fly to Wendover to the Peppermill Concert Hall to see Tony Orlando in concert. It was more than a concert. Tony puts on a fantastic show, with so much energy, you can tell he is someone who loves to make people happy, he loves God, and he loves our country, and it shows.

We went to celebrate our 26th Anniversary with Al's cousin Adrian. It was also Adrian and Mary Anne's anniversary as well. So we thought this would be a fun way to remember our anniversaries. We bought tickets a couple of months ago and Adrian always has enough points to get our rooms for little or nothing.

So we started our trip by flying with Dane and Donya in Al's comanchee. Al loves to fly, but I struggle to find presence when I'm in the air! Friday afternoon was nice enough, a little windy....but not enough to stop us.

Dane and Donya in the backseat. I think Dane is taking a picture of me, taking a picture of them!
Here is a view from the front seat just as we pass over Antelope Island.

This is the Great Salt Lake with the Oquirrh Mountains range. The Oquirrh Mountains run about 30 miles south from the southern end of the Great Salt Lake. The mountains got their name from a Goshute Indian word meaning “wooded mountain.” The tallest point is Lewiston Peak 10,676 feet. This picture was taken looking through the front windshield of the plane. I don't know why my camera has given off such a blue tint. I love the reflection of the mountain range in the Great Salt Lake. If you look close you can see the blur of the airplane prop.

This is MagCorp. I had no idea what this business was until today. I have seen it many times when flying to Wendover, and I finally decided I needed to learn about it. My son was at our home today, so I asked him. He knew right off what it was, because a friend on Flickr had pictures of it. They have produced magnesium metal products since 1972. Using primary solar energy, the natural brine of the Great Salt Lake (which has nearly four times the magnesium concentration of the world's largest ocean) is concentrated, purified and dried into magnesium chloride powder. The powder is melted and introduced into electrolytic reduction cells to produce pure magnesium metal. Lots of controversy about this business because of all the pollution they create.

This picture was taken after the show. Al and I are with Kerry Cole. Oh is he ever amazing and a nice guy as well. He plays keyboard and has an incredible voice. Literally, he can sound like just about anyone you ask him to. He started with Willie Nelson and ended with Led Zeppelin. I could not believe his talent. When we met him after the show, he was so happy to talk with us and very gracious about having his picture taken with us.

I don't know how long Tony stayed signing autographs, but I'm so glad I was able to have his autobiography signed, as well as my ticket stubs. This was the cute lady in front of me in line. Her name is Rosie and it was her birthday.

Our neighbors were also at the concert. We had no idea we would both be their celebrating our anniversaries. I didn't get a picture of them, but I got their ticket stubs signed....since I was the one standing in line for autographs.
Almost time to leave beautiful(not sure that is the right word for the place in the desert)......Wendover! We had breakfast with Donya and Dane, then took the shuttle to the airport.

These 3 guys were foraging for food this morning at the airport. Another lesson for me today, I have never seen this bird before. None of us knew what it was. Of course my Western Birds Guide didn't let me down. They are male Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. What a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it so fun!


jayedee said...

happy anniversary!! what a wonderful time you must have had and i will admit to be just a tad jealous! lol

Mrs. Darling said...

Happy anniversary. I need a vaction. This looks like so much fun!