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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie Day "Emma Smith, My Story"

It is always such a pleasure to get together with friends. Since I was small...(Young - and I really was small)...I have realized the importance of friendships. Being an only child was great for me, but having close friends made my life a joy. Now that I'm old...(and big) friends are still the key to many hours of happiness. This is the beautiful downtown of Spanish Fork...probably about 1957??? That is where I grew up with my friend Lynette.
Times have changed since the 1960 days of going to the Arch theatre...look how we buy our tickets now. We even get to choose the seat we would like the best.
Today we went to see the movie "Emma Smith: My Story" it is the tale of Emma Hale Smith, wife of first Latter-day Saint prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. The story is told from Emma's viewpoint. It details the historical accounts of Emma's life, that have been taken from Smith family journals, letters, and other historical documents and sources.

It was a delightful experience to watch this movie. The scenery and music are absolutely beautiful. We questioned the fineness of the clothing...not sure they were blessed with finery like that ...but maybe so?

After the movie we went for lunch at The Peddler on 25th street. Nina had taken me there several weeks ago and I loved the place. Today ~ how can I say it nicely ~ we'll be going to SLC next month! Someone else will be choosing the food establishment.
My friends are really nice people to let me take their pictures every where we go. They are not only good about that but they have always been supportive of my decisions..."like Peddlers". They have always told me when I am being foolish or overreacting. They laugh with me and laugh some more at me...and for that I am deeply appreciative of their gentle kindness.
I am so glad to have friends that I'm not afraid to tell my secret wishes to or what is really on my mind. Nancy we so missed you. Hope you are better today.
All of us today said we could have so easily have found a reason for not getting together.. Nancy was sick (she really tried to get out of her bed), Gary is here this weekend to see Lynette, Nina was busy with gardening, and grandchildren, and I was trying to get my home back together so I can go back to work. It is always ...... go, go, go,....but as soon as we are together we start laughing, smiling, and having a dang good time. Can't wait for next month ~ REALLY!

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nancy mc said...

I am so sorry that I missed out on the 'girls day out'. I am feeling mcuh better. It looks like you had tons of fun.