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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doesn't This Make You Happy?

The latest news reports reveal that we're spending less time than ever outdoors. We have know for years that communing with nature for even just a few minutes ---like sitting in your backyard, walking in a park, or simply leaning up against a tree is enough to squash stress and boost your mood! So my challenge for today (even though it is raining) is to use any excuse I can find to get some fresh air ~ I think I'll at least walk from my car into the Mall, I might take Romeo for a quick walk to the end of the block, and when the weather gets really nice ~ I'm taking the kids to Salem Pond for a Picnic. My grandma loved to go to Salem Pond. She didn't have to have an excuse to be outside, most every day you could find her sitting in her front yard under a shade tree or on her front porch.

J took this picture of a flowering plum ~ his pictures always make me happy. Thanks again J.

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nancy mc said...

I agree. We all need to get out doors much more often. I have already done my 3 miles outdoors-a jog--walk. It was even snowing on me along the way. I am READY for Spring-not continued snow storms!