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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

~ It's Baseball Time ~


When it's baseball time, the weather is suppose to be beautiful, sunny, and extremely warm....well this is Utah! Tonights game was a rainout - no that would be SNOWED OUT! But not to worry, I still had a wonderful evening. Because there was no game, we had dinner with John, Matt and Xavier! DODGER BOYS~ Matt (being the SLC Guy) - suggested we have dinner at Squatters. Great place to get reacquainted with everyone. Dane, Donya, Donya's daughter - Karissa, Keith and Cody joined us.

Matt and John lived in our home during the 2005 season. Words can't describe how awesome they are. I loved every minute there were living with us.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be back at the field tomorrow night. John is the starting pitcher for the Las Vegas 51's. They are the AAA team for the LA Dodgers. Maybe if the sun comes through, I'll get some pictures from the ballpark. John will be pitching in the bigs very soon this season. I have high-hopes that I will get to be at several of those games.

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