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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Manica Monday

Spring Vacation started for my grandkids this week. I am so excited to have them with me for the full week. We bought new bikes and went for a 2 mile ride this morning. The weather was beautiful, we saw a snake on the trail, and Halie rides like Evil Knievel. I of course could keep up with her, but Brevin is a little more timid so my choice was stay with the caboose rather than keep up with the leader of the pack.

After the bike ride we had lunch at our local Applebee's. Eating out is always an adventure with kids. Look at the lady behind us, I'm not sure what she was feeling, but it doesn't look happy! It wasn't the kids fault, they were really well behaved. Halie had chicken strips and Brevin had pasta.
We tried to have quiet time after lunch....that didn't happen. They had another trip into the hot tub and then we grilled for dinner. Carmen joined us for dinner.
Tomorrow we have nail appointments and indoor activities because the weather is going to be snowy again.


jayedee said...

isn't it great? i have most of mine close enough to visit every week. but matt and his little family are in missouri and i miss them dreadfully!

jayedee said...

too quick on the trigger......lib, chad and their two are in indiana..and although i talk to liberty daily, it's not the same as being there, yanno?