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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seriously Snake Bite

Here we are in downtown IF….

It doesn't have a Gap or a Starbucks…yes there is an awesome mall on the far end of town!  We’ve been there.

There are no towering building above 5 stories, no loud honking of horns, no rushing traffic…. just beautiful scenery

Idaho Falls

and beautiful old town charm with eateries that can’t be beat for deliciousness! 

The Snake Bite Lunch

Frighteningly – irresistible – venomous

Before you think I have totally lost it …let me reassure you that I would never enter any place that might house a creature that would bite me!   So what's up with the name of this place? It sounds like you are going to go in and spend an hour being treated for poisonous bites you have suffered!

Seirously the waiter was a bit toxic…kind of like Mr. Fredricksen (kind of on the grumpy side….leave me alone kind of guy)in the movie Up…but geeze we were hungry and just wanted a bite (Pun intended) to eat!

Sit down, relax and take a long as you like to enjoy every bite of your lunch!   Stuff it in until you can’t take another!   It was delicious!

Snake Bite Restaurant


Burgers at the Snake Bite

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