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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mr. Wrinkles Adventures


Mr. Wrinkles had many adventure with our family. 


We hope you enjoy reading about his journey with us.


Family plays together

It was a bright and sunny day in Clearfield…traveling along with K as he leaves school with Mr. Wrinkles in tow!


















El Burrito [Restaurant of Choice in our family] …the first restaurant was established in 1976 when Manuel Gallegos Sr. and brother-in-law George Garcia had a great idea. Since there were no Mexican restaurants with real Mexican home cooking in the area (and we still remain the only one) they would start one.

The name “El Burrito” came  from the two of them sitting at the kitchen table. To them “El Burrito” sounded better than “El Taco”. They took family recipes that were handed down from generations and started a small take-out restaurant serving food out of crock pots and pouring soda out of bottles into paper  plates. We guarantee that you will enjoy dining there as much as we do and know that you will receive the highest quality food, fairest prices, friendliest service and most pleasant atmosphere this side of Mexico.  Besides all this information…our very dear friends/family Mike & Kathy are family members of the Burrito!


Dinner at El Burrito


It would not be a true family affair if we didn’t get to enjoy an Ogden Raptors baseball game.   The Ogden Raptors are a minor league baseball team in the Pioneer League based in Ogden, Utah, United States. The club plays at Lindquist Field, whose view beyond the outfield fence was named the best in professional baseball by a staff writer for Grand Slam Enterprises! 


Mr. Wrinkles at DugoutLindquist Field Mountains


At the end of our very busy day…we cuddled up with Mr. Wrinkles in bed.   We introduced him to Fly Guy [Tedd Arnold – author I started trying to write some time after I graduated from college. My wife, Carol was a kindergarten teacher at the time. She collected children's books for her classroom. I enjoyed her books so much, I decided to see if I could make one. It took six years of trying before I was finally published.]  … perfect ending to a very fun day with Mr. Wrinkles!   Can’t wait for our next visit…we have lots of adventures planned already!

Story time with Mr. Wrinkles

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