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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting Ready to Be A Volunteer


After being a teacher for 30 years….I know how valuable Volunteers can be!   Ali & I will be in the classroom or behind the scenes as much as we possibly can this coming school year.   We want K to definitely get the message that school is important!

With hours of work each day…we want our teacher to know that she/he is appreciated.   We have lots of fun things planned to make Little Man’s teacher’s life easier!

Thanks to Julie (Dear Daughter in love) we will give her this beautiful clipboard along with a survey for her to fill out of her favorite things.



Favorite Things

and ta-da….NO. 2   Pencils for all of those new classmate friends!

#Ready for Kindergarten    #18 Days and Counting

No. 2 First Day of Kindergarten

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