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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cause and Effect

For many years I taught this to 8 year olds…there is always a cause and effect in every thing we do…

So it is in life…we will always reap what we sow.   No question, it happens!

Every day you are faced with choices, and every day there will be a consequence to that choice.  I witness the things people do to others without thinking first of the consequences of those actions.   I often think of my own selfishness and the hurts that I have caused others. 

Fortunately for each and everyone of us our God is a just God.  Yes, He is merciful, but only within the bounds of eternal law that is set, that even He is bound by.  We are bound by the choices we knowingly and willfully make.  We will reap what we sow.

Sow kindness and you will receive kindness.

Sow mercy and you will receive mercy.

Sow generosity and you will be loved by many.

Sow selfishness and you will be loved by few.

Sow deceit and you will be deceived.

Sow love and you shall be loved.

Sow hate and you shall be hated.

It is plain and simple.  Black and white.  There is no gray area.  Eternal laws cannot be changed.  They are what they are.  There are no exceptions.  Once a seed has been planted, it cannot be changed into something else.  You cannot plant a watermelon seed and expect to harvest a pumpkin.  You cannot sow hate and expect love!  This life is too short to be unhappy.  This life is too short to be selfish.  The way we treat others now will be the way others treat us now and in the future.  If I want my children and grandchildren to be kind to me when I can no longer take care of myself, I must teach them by serving others…which I try my very best to do!


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