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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Keep Your Windows Rolled UP!



With the boys of summer playing in IF it was only a quick drive to see Bear World…. What a fantastic experience!
I must admit, when we pulled up to the window to pay, and the guy told us to proceed with caution, keep our windows rolled up, to drive 3-5 MPH, and honk 3 times if we needed help, I was a little freaked out to be exploring Bear World.

does Jurassic World where the dinosaur rips apart their little car thing….come to anyone else’s mind??


So thrilled to see the baby bear cubs playing in a very large habitat area.  K wanted to stay for hours watching these amazing creatures.






After this amazing adventure I don’t know what we will do to top this!   We did go into the petting zoo where K made several new little friends- Daisy the deer, Tess the pig, goats, ducks, chickens, swans, peacocks, and more. Feeding the animals was so much fun, even with deer and goat saliva all over his little hands. They have a good wash station outside of the petting zoo. We also reminded him the goats milk kept him alive when he was a baby!  








Spending the day with the animals was certainly the highlight of our trip and our stay in Idaho Falls…. then on to Rexburg.   The whole experience cost only $16.95 adults, $15.95 SENIORS! and $10.95 for the K man! Deal of the century. We did try to purchase feeding time with the bears but they were all sold out for the day…just another reason to make another trip!   We’ll be back. 

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