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Sunday, February 16, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day – Ready for His Visit

Waiting for those bright spring days………..

March Hearth 

We will share with you an Irish Blessing

Irish Blessing 

And our new Jasmine plant has filled our room with an aroma that is quit unique….and since we can’t ever afford a bottle of Doterra Jasmine this one has really done wonders for our attitude!  The Fenton Glass was a gift from my parents many years ago.  Thank you Mom and Dad, this piece of glass brings back lots of love and memories from “Gift Fair”  our hometown family owned business.

Jasmine Plant

The corner is filled with our Leprechaun friends who we hope we might be able to catch.


Hopefully the grass in the yard will start to turn green and we will go in search of four-leaf clovers for luck and, seek out leprechauns who will hopefully lead us to that elusive pot of gold.

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