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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Dig You


We finished up our Valentine Exchange for K this afternoon.  He is getting so exciting about the party his class is going to have this week.  He said he can’t wait to tell teacher about his treats. 

Valentines I Dig You Valentine’s are always kind of girly and we searched and search for just the right idea.   Aunt Julie made the tags on her fancy smanzie Silhouette machine, I ordered the little shovels on line, and Grandma bought the package of Skittles to finish off the project. 


All the samples that we saw had the candy just in the bottom of the bag so it looked like you could really dig it up…but we weren’t sure that was such a good idea, so we left those Skittles in their manufactured packaging and tied it up with ribbon!

I Love, Love, Love holidays.  It gives me an excuse to do a little extra and have lots of fun at the same time.

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