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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy Day Color

With rain falling we had to come up with an inside project today.   This was so fun especially when we added a drop of Dawn Dish Soap and watched the action!

All you need is:

• milk

• a toothpick or q-tip

• plate or shallow dish

• liquid food coloring drops

Surprised smileDawn Dish Soap

Our first swirl was made without any dish soap added.  It was fun to drag the q-tip through the colors and make a great design.


Next we dipped the q-tip in the dish soap and to our surprise and wonder…..look at that

great star!  One touch right in the middle of the drop of food coloring….walaaaa


We tried it with blue……….


and twirled it around to make a beautiful scene…….


Of course this could have gone on for many more attempts, but green was our very last time….we will definitely be doing this project again.  It had us held spell bound for almost 30 minutes, Little Man did not want to stop, “Let’s do it again!”

Notice the skids of the brand new Helicopter in the background that we can’t go anywhere without since the minute it was out of the package and put together! 


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