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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Indoor Garden

I am a lover of real plants.   I love having flowers and green things

around the home, there is a problem with this love affair……

I always

kill them….

I think that I am killing them with kindness…

*I over water

*I underwater

*I give them to much light

*I don’t give them enough light!

Over the years I must admit that many plants have come to

their demise while taking up residence in my home!

Something inside me couldn’t do it anymore…I let my love go for

those beautiful green things….

So what are they doing back???


Valentine’s brought this as a gift from my DD…

I love Orchids…Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady;

Chinese Symbol for Many Children (I’m thinking many means

what I already have!)


Oh the sweet smell of Jasmine….I talked of this

lovely plant a few days ago…she’s still with me!

Jasmine holds strong spiritual and religious significance,

as it has been a constant symbol of divinity and hope.

Shamrock Basket

The new addition today was a Shamrock …is it adorable?

I saw this on pinterest of course, and couldn’t resist trying

to bring the luck into my home.  Only a shamrock can undo the

magical spell of a leprechaun.  Hope those little green men notice

our plant and leave only magical spells this year!

Dad's backyard

I have always admired my dad’s ability to nurture plants

and his beautiful yard…I always called it my secret garden. Look

how lush and green it is (Of course this was a summer picture!)

Here’s hoping and praying that these 3 new additions

will bring joy, happiness, and love into our home. 

I’ll be watching over them and tending them with loving care.

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