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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ready for Backyard Guests

This afternoon we checked off ~ Get our backyard ready for our feathered friends. 

Hummingbird feeders filled ~ after extensive research ~ we learned that the sugar water we offer hummingbirds should be of a sweetness comparable to that of natural nectar, which averages about ¼ strength, or a quarter cup of sugar per cup of water. We also know that we must change the feeder frequently to keep in fresh and insect free.   We purchased a couple of wasp/bee traps to hang as soon as we see the pesky stingers!


We also filled our wild bird feeders with seed we found in Grandpa Buffo’s garage.   We sure do miss him every day.  We will keep his tradition going…he loved to feed his birds!



So now we have checked off Make a Bird Feeder on our Spring into Summer Bucket List!

Here is the rest of our garden planting ……

Tomatoes….we love fresh grown tomatoes all summer!


Thyme ~ Lavender ~ Oregano




Basil ~ Cilantro


Our favorite Rosemary Bush made it through the mild winter ~ Isn’t she beautiful nestled there with the Purple Iris (starts from Grandpa many years ago) and pansies thriving in spite of  their farmers neglect since early spring!


We always look forward to this time of year… we love the fresh green of new leaves and young grass… pops of color around every corner… warm breezes and birds singing. even the neighborhood dogs know that this is the time for awakening, for running and playing. And K-Bear knows that it also means SPRINKLERS….after we soaked the plants….he was soaked as well!


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Nancy Mc said...

Wow! You are very busy!