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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hopefully today K Bear learned a few valuable lessons….how to control his anger.  With some optimism Grandma & Grandpa helped him sort things out when he got upset. Today he learned that he is very  capable of hurting someone else, and he really does NOT want to do that.  He also learned that we understand his feelings and feelings are acceptable, but like Daniel Tiger…we need to use our words and not our fists. But, the most important thing of all, is  that we love  him unconditionally -- no matter what.

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We know K- was in the grip of fear, probably very tired from long days, and that made him act out aggressively. Thankfully, Grandpa was very calm. 


Meltdowns are not fun…but learning to walk away and use your words will make us all happy!


We understand you were really mad.  Mad is ok.  But it's no excuse for hitting, EVER.  Now you know what you can do next time you get so mad…right K Bear?

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