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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pioche Nevada

We discussed how to say the word all the way there…http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/pioche  Pea osh! French…Thought it was Indian…Don’t call me to be your life line!
This structure overlooks the town from the south end.   It is the Pioche Aerial Tramway which operated during the 1920’s and 1930’s, using overhead cables to carry buckets filled with ore to the Godbe Mill, on the other side of town.  The tramway was capable of carrying ore at a cost of just 6 cents per ton.  The tramway was mostly powered by gravity, but there was a 5 horsepower motor that helped.  It has been at least 85 years since the tramway has been used, the cables and some buckets still hang over head and cross US 93 near the mill.
Downtown Pioche.  Definite feel of a ghost town, with a few tourists wandering around!
What is a town without its very own Library, Fire House, Western Union, and Elementary School?
Hey lookie lookie….our name in lights…well Bold Letters! …The look and sound inside was kinda spooky!
Wonder when the next movie will be showing….looks like this historic building is waiting patiently for some one with lots of money to restore and reopen!

And the big attraction is “Million Dollar Courthouse”
The old 2 story brick building is known as the “Million Dollar Courthouse” because, thanks to corrupt politicians (REALLY), that’s how much it eventually cost the taxpayers of Lincoln County.  It was suppose to cost $16,00 when it was built in 1871.  But the costs spiraled out of control, then for decades, the town put off payment, allowing the interest to rack up.  By the time it was completely paid off in 1936, the total price was more than a million.

The front door is open, it is now a museum with daily tours.  There are several rooms on the first and second floor, that you can wander through including….look at those typewriters…Dad, keep smiling in heaven!
  typewriter room pioche
court room pioche
post office pioche

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