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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Caliente, Nevada….A Hot Town In It’s Day

Perfect weather day for traveling.  Caliente is a railroad town.   Not much railroad activity today because they were having Gang Plank crews working on the yard.   No trains until 4:00 PM…to late for us to hang around! This beautiful old building now serves as the city office building, library and other civic functions. 


An old old car…destroyed inside and out!


The Boxcar Museum…closed of course!


The Shady Motel….Yes, I walked across the street and asked the guy at the front desk about the name.  It seems that decades ago…back in the 1960's (That’s what he said…decades)  his Grandfather built the motel in a grove of large cottonwood trees.  Some of the original building is still standing near the office.  He said  the cottonwood trees, grew to big and tore up pavement and concrete and they removed the “SHADE” but the name is a family legacy and no way they were changing it!


And the best place in town is………….


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