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Saturday, May 2, 2015

On to Next Stop….Ash Springs

All of these pictures are actually leaving Ash Springs….once again store clerk not so friendly!  We asked for directions to the Rock Art we read about on the internet before we left home… ANSWER, “THEY ARE ALL OVER TOWN”

Well that was really helpful!   So the picture of rock art are not mine!   We never saw even one, really wanted to but… not this trip!

ashsprings 2ashsprings

One lady did tell me there are some great Dinosaur Poop formations…not real dinosaur poop…just looks like it to her!  Could be…


But this event was a sight we will not forget….it went on for miles and miles!

Canidae Tap It Silver State 300 Race

The race course is run in the eastern part of Nevada, and is considered one of our most scenic races.  It's a great race for those who love point to point races, it's one 300-mile loop.   We watch for pit crew after pit crew all along the road to Caliente. 


This is Ricky Brabec (23) Oak Hills, CA,….he won the motorcycle division!   We don’t know him, didn’t see him….but the internet can sure give you information…..Unlike those locals in Ash Springs!

winner of dirt

There are a few very colorful wild flowers in the this desert….but the snake hole next to them didn’t look to inviting to me! So we traveled on.


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