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Sunday, December 4, 2011

18 Months of Lovin’ Kendry

8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom)

one 2-hour nap

in bed by 8:00pm

…. lots of drinks in between wake up time

then awake around 8:00am

3 meals and 2 snacks


31.25  inches tall

Only in the 15%tile for all of your stats…..yes you are a little one…but so full of vim and vigor!

You are one and a half years old and I cannot believe it.  Time passes so quickly now that we have you.  You are so funny and sweet and ALL BOY…. all the time!  I think this is the hardest age so far, because you are strong-willed and stubborn.  You do not like being told "no" and often get mad and throw fits, stomp, hit, and lay on the floor mad!IMAG1081-1

It's not fun for me to see you so upset, but I'm hoping it will get better as you learn to talk more and can tell me what you want, instead of me just guessing.  You are one healthy little man and haven’t been sick for most of the last 9 months… I am so proud of you and the little man you have become.

We love your smile.  DSC_0220

To be honest it gets you out of a lot of trouble. See you moved the chair over to the light switch and flick away!

I want to be stern, put you in time out, but then you look up at me and smile.

I melt. I'm completely and utterly a push over. You are a mama's boy to the core.


I love you. Even when you climb on top of the table!

You are finally starting to use so many new words

Mama, Dada, thank you, hi, ‘hola, hey, adi (adios), You think everything is hot and will say "ha, ha" with you mouth wide open…and shake your hand like you're cooling it off.  It's too cute! 

And little man, you love your shoes ….I’m training you well! IMAG0980

You hate having your diaper changed and love sitting on the potty. Maybe you Could  pee in it once in a while!!!!! Here you are laying as quiet as you can during a diaper change……………


You love to laugh and be silly and it's infectious.

Your favorite games are peek a boo ….with a blanket over your head or the laundry basket!…., and tickle me …you love to be tickled…..and chased!


You are getting too big!  It's hard for us to hide anything from you because you are constantly watching EVERYTHING we do and you don't forget anything.   You're a climber now too.  We've caught you on top of the end tables, IMAG0802 in the computer chair and trying to climb over the back of the couch! You've even learned to climb into our SUV and into your car seat. You would much rather be in the front seat behind the steering wheel….but that’s not happening YET! Here is what happens when you get into your new comfy car seat……Heavenly Bliss!

IMAG1251 Watching you learn new things is such a privilege and a joy. Look at  you reading a book all by yourself! 


You are smart and intuitive and I constantly see you watching everyone around you and learning from them.

Some of my favorite moments are watching you clap with excitement when  you accomplish something new. You are so into the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It'”….you love shooting HOO – RAY! even on the stomp your feet part!

I have to admit some days being your mama is a little stressful because there are plenty of tantrums. This day it was because I wouldn’t let you feed yourself……look what happens!  When you have those little tantrums I try very hard to just let you put yourself back together by letting you lay on the floor and kick it out…. KICK….did I hear you say KICK ….Ok I won’t tell everyone that you say dick  for the word Kick…oops I did it.

I know someday you are going to be completely embarrassed by this picture but I had to share it because it makes me laugh out loud. Taking your diaper off is your new favorite hobby.  If I let you run around without pants on this is bound to happen. diaper change

Don't tell grandpa, but you've already pee'd on the floor once we don't want to risk it happening again. So keep that diaper on!

My days are filled with so many wonderful moments that make me the proudest mommy ever. IMAG1097 (1)

Thank you for teaching me about love, patience, and laughter.  Thank you for helping us understand that playing in dirt can be fun, and giving your Auntie Bri a hard time is the best sport ever!


We are beyond blessed that God chose you for us.   You are the light of my life and I'm so proud to be your Mommy! 

Love you to the moon and back,


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