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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Weekend to Remember

When you decide to chose a name for your son….do you look in a name book, choose a popular name, draw names from a hat?   We are a baseball family and Kendry (Kendrys Morales) was the name that was chosen to give the Little Man!  What an opportunity we had today to meet him in Salt Lake City.  P1110113 P1110114Mike Brumley (First Base Coach Seattle Mariners) is a very close family friend……so when he knew they would be in town he called and so graciously hooked us up with not only tickets to the game, but also with the opportunity to meet Kendrys Morales.   P1110115Of course our picture happy little guy is not sure he wants to do this……..someday he’ll be glad he has pictures….even if he doesn’t act like it!P1110116Okay……..Maybe I’ll like it in a minute! P1110117  The family baked in the sun and enjoyed snow cones, ice cream, and of course hot dogs!P1110119 It was a sold out crowd…….glad we could talk Jason into making the trip up!P1110120 Who would have thought 67 degrees felt like 100 today!   So happy happy happy!P1110121    Mike Brumley…….there are no word to describe how kind, generous, thoughtful, and caring this man is!  We love you MikeP1110125Kendry spent an hour on Grandpa’s shoulders walking around the park!  We were surprised at how well he did all through the game…without a nap!

P1110124 The National Anthem was sung by Nathan Osmond…..along with a beautiful Bald Eagle!P1110126 See there that is what happens when you have an Eagle on the field!!!!!P1110127 What a wonderful surprise we received when we met Mr. Morales…….. He handed Ali an autographed bat which Kendry will cherish forever!P1110128 and EverP1110129 And EverP1110130 Thank you Kendrys Morales…….you are one nice guy! What an outstanding role model for game of baseball!



Of course….after dinner we had our own backyard game of HIT THE BALL OVER THE FENCE!

P1110133 P1110132 Truly a blessing to have family to love!

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