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Saturday, March 23, 2013

“Grandma…let’s go Jason, Julie, Brevin, Halie on train!”


His words exactly…and it is almost a daily request! 

While traveling on Frontrunner I must tell you that things are not always perfect……because I have Little Man 2.5 with me.   And yes he will kick the seats, he will talk loudly, he will disrupt people. It's normal behavior and very age appropriate. People who don't spend a lot of time with toddlers will think otherwise; they are dead wrong!

There were some very nice and accommodating people on the train with us last week.   We received a bag of potato chips, two bags of fruit snacks (organic even!), and lots of sympathy for grandma!  I love having extra stuff on hand, but the reality is that I will have to carry it AND a Little Man off and on the crowded train.  So while I love to be an over preparer, I try to tame that wildness when packing because it's just more things to carry, and I’m usually coming home with several bags of essential oils as well. 

Is it the train ride…or is it all the fun he has with the family? 

Kendry McDoodle Noodle

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Nancy Mc said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun on frontrunner. My grandkids love it too. Thanks for getting my oils. I appreciate it very much.