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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Accepting Ali

I am ready to begin, making small changes at first in diet….not totally giving up my diet coke, and I am taking small steps to increase my level of activity. Today I challenged myself with something I never thought possible.  I did a 5K and survived.  My friend Julie asked me to join her in this 5K Run for Recess two weeks ago…my response was…”Julie, I can barely walk to the mail box!!! What you talking about! How far is a 5k an can you break? I can't even do a mile honestly…I can walk/run???” 

Well here we are early this morning….

Ali 196 5 K 

We did it……..who would have ever thought I would be doing something like this!!!!

finish line

Julie …One tough Mexicana!! Blister and all....good thing for my special hello kitty socks and my mommas oils!!

Julie at the finish

In her heart a woman plots her course but the Lord determines her steps. Proverbs 16:9

Thank you for giving me strength today Father….Live Well!

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