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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toilet Paper Pumpkin


Found this on pinterest and couldn’t resist sharing!  We’ll be making these next year during our Halloween Bash!

Supplies: a roll of toilet paper per child, an orange piece of tissue paper per child, green tissue paper pieces, raffia, black pumpkin face cut out of black paper or foam per child (optional)

Have each child roll up their toilet paper in a sheet of orange tissue paper. Then have them tuck the ends of the tissue paper into the cylinder inside the toilet paper roll. A part of a piece of green tissue paper can be twisted and tucked into the top along with some raffia. As an optional addition, you could cut out jack-o-lantern faces ahead of time or have the children cut out their own from black paper or sticky foam. Have them glue or tape the faces onto their pumpkins.

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