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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Early

Our friends and family had a pumpkin carving party at the Buffo Bungalow this weekend.  Nothing beats a big bowl of potato soup or chili…in bread bowls, dessert, and some pumpkin carving to get you in the fall spirit.

carvingWhat happened to the days of triangle eyes and mouths with three teeth? The standard ole pumpkin.... Do you think we'll ever see that guy again? I'm not sure.... With pumpkin patterns, pumpkin knives, pumpkin saws, pumpkin picks, and pumpkin artists... the days of triangle eyes may be gone. They have for our family for almost 10 years!


After a few cries of disappointment, pumpkin guts all over the basement floor… cramps in the hands from making all of the little holes around the pattern, and after sawing away at all of the little curves... The outcome is always pretty darn amazing, what do you think?


and here we are the morning after……….doesn’t get any better! 


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