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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oatman and The Burrows

After lunch in Kingman, Al said that a must stop along the way is Oatman, AZ…because there are burrows roaming everywhere in the town.   He continues to tell me the story of Oatman: when a friendly old burrow makes his way towards our car far outside of the town…P1000342

Wild burros, or Spanish donkeys, still roam the streets in Oatman, Arizona, and the residents wouldn't have it any other way. Located across the Colorado River and up the winding 10 mph curvy hill…. Oatman is an authentic western ghost town and mining camp founded in the early 1900s after prospectors struck gold.
Though Oatman's current population of 150 is a far cry from the nearly 4,000 who once called it home, it has remained prosperous, and its residents take pride in keeping the town as authentic as possible.

We had a blast! They walk right up to you, especially if you are carrying a bag because they think you have carrots for them. You can buy a bag of carrots for 1 dollar to feed them. I wish I had done that! Maybe next time….it was so dang cold all I wanted to do was keep warm.   We bought tee-shirts instead of carrots.


Clark Gable apparently married Carol Lombard and honeymooned in the Oatman Hotel. Friend (unnamable) of ours said that he has spent the night in the hotel as well………..Really!


They have so much memorabilia that it takes a lot of time to look at everything….We stapled our dollar bill on to the wall along with the other 80,000.



We had a great day in spite of the cold windy weather…….

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