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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moqui Cave



Moqui Cave is a nice stop on Highway 89 just outside of Kanab, Utah. They charge a $5.00 entrance fee just inside the front door…$4.50 if you are a senior!   There is a nice gift shop inside as well as a large display of fluorescent minerals and historic artifacts.

The tour guide is the son of  the owners of the property.  He shared with us a short/long history of the cave and he was a joy to visit with.


It's quite a large cave for being basically a sandstone grotto. Here is the link to their web site: http://www.moquicave.com/index.html



P1000297P1000295        The cave was turned into a tavern and a dance hall ……which Al found very interesting since the owners are definitely of the LDS faith.  

Lex is interesting to chat with, but you leave equally impressed with his father, Garth, who bought this place in 1951 when it was nothing but a cave covered with graffiti and soot from years of campfires. He turned it into a bar and dance hall and then into what it is today. Garth played football for the Steelers in 1945-46, earning $450. He became an expert silversmith and woodcarver and came to be called Chief Many Talents. And those many talents are displayed throughout the cave.   Pictured below is the top of the bar which is absolutely beautiful. P1000293

Fun place to stop for a visit……well worth the time we spent there!

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