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Friday, May 9, 2008

Backyard Bird--Humming Bird - I Don't Think So!

This beautiful "Bullock's" Oriole has decided to enjoy our hummingbird feeder. He joined our backyard several days ago. As soon as I got the camera ready....he flew away.....of course! I have waited days for him to come back. It has been difficult to get a very good picture. Every time I get the camera ready...he's gone. Today I was lucky ~ took the screen out of the bathroom window ~ this is what I got! Pretty nice....for a rookie.


nancy mc said...

WOW! great picture. Thanks for getting me hooked on the bird feeders. It can make for a wonderful day just watching the birds!

jayedee said...

too funny! i have a woodpecker that visits my hummingbird feeders occasionally.........it's hysterical to watch this great overgrown thing hanging on to the edge and slurping up nectar!