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Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

As the two holidays approach I have thought about all the lessons that I have learned from my amazing parents.   It often isn't until you're grown that you realize all of the lessons that your parents tried to teach you was because they love you and only wanted the best for you. Their  ultimate goal was to give me a better life than they had and prepare me for the real world and independence.  My parents both worked hard to provide me with nice things, vacations, a safe place to eat, love and pray, they did mold me into the person I am today  by instilling good values and teaching those very valuable life lessons. Sometimes these lessons come easy and sometimes they are learned the hard way. Either way, the goal was to help mold me into a good quality person who would be able to make a positive contribution to society.  Some of these lessons took longer than others and today I am only sharing a few of the most valuable lessons that my parents taught me.

Live within your income. My parents always made adjustments in their spending based on their income. They taught me the value of frugality when necessary. But more importantly, they taught me the joy of living within my means.  I am very careful with how I spend my money…I pray that I will always do it wisely!  Cause…”Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

Education is worth pursuing.  I am grateful every day for the opportunity that was given to me to attend BYU and eventually graduate.  My parents have also made this possible for my children.  Not the BYU part, but attending USU and WSU was still a gift from them! 

Growing up is hard. Be nice to your kids.
I think I gave my mom and dad a run for there money as a teenager. They handled my wit (read: sarcasm) and spiritedness (read: defiance) with patience and resilience. I hope that I was able to do the same with my children and that they can do the same with theirs.


My favorite lesson……….. Live in Spanish Fork, Utah We never moved from the home I grew up in.… and that’s where my parents  continue to live today. Some days I so want to be back home in Utah County surrounded by family.

My Home

Love you so much.  Happy Mother’s Day  Happy Father’s Day you have giving me blessings unnumbered that I will forever be grateful for.  XOXO

Mom and Dad August 2, 1947

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Nancy Mc said...

what a wonderful tribute to your parents! Loved it all.