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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

19 Months of Love

Welcome to Month 19 Little Man.  Let’s get started with your stats:

Weight:       23 lbs

Height:        32 inches

Clothing:       18 – 24 month size

Shoe Size:     6 1/2 or 7

Now here is what has been happening in your world:

Almost everyone who meets you comments on three things: 1.) how happy you are; 2.) how cute you are; and 3.) your amazing personality. It takes a stranger maybe 20 seconds to realize these things about you, and they are so essential to the core of who you are these days. They are right on! Couldn’t resist sharing this picture one more time of your First Dance on New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve Dancing

With very few exceptions, you are an extremely happy toddler.  We joke that you can always find a "victim" and do whatever sweet thing you can to get their attention…usually by dancing your little heart out!  It almost always works. My favorite thing about it is to see the joy you bring to so many people's faces; you really have an amazing knack at making people smile. You like to exercise your independence, but you want us to see and acknowledge what you’re doing. You are a fantastic mimic and realize quickly the things you do that make us laugh.  See here you are telling mommy …….that is not what I want to drink, bring me my bottle!


The second thing strangers notice, how cute you are, which is obviously very true. Your eyes are the deepest brown that twinkle and sparkle.  They are very expressive, too. Actually it is your brow that is very expressive, it moves up and down with a frown to a complete look of surprise!  So amazing! Here you discovered face time on the cell phone…Squeals of delight!


The third thing…..You have managed to perfectly mixed mellow and wild child!  You love to snuggle ….on your terms!  When you are ready to run and play you scoot away with delight!  You’re have not learn how to be patient with getting changed and dressed, you protest when it’s time to put your arms through shirt holes, kick your legs in the air when getting your diaper changed…and flip and turn and crawl all over the bed!  You also love to help out in so many ways around the house, especially with the laundry.  Grandpa was surprised to learn that you thought fingernail polish belonged in the laundry basket.  Now lots of his clothes have sparkle purple nail polish permanently on them.  Here you are helping fold a batch of nice warm clothes:DSC_0224

You’re definitely a  child of the 21st century. You actually hate when anyone tries to take away “your” electronics, knowing full well that they are not actually yours! You always protest and instantly begin a tug of war and you’ve been known to throw a tear-filled tantrum that makes everyone smile, wondering what

we’re in for during your toddler years!!!!


Christmas time was delightful, you loved sitting on Santa’s lap (you saw 3 of his Jolly Helpers this year).  The presents were great and the gift wrap and boxes were even more exciting for you.  Everyone knows exactly what you like WHEELS and MUSIC.  It has been amazing to watch you play with each and every gift, dragging them through the house, onto the beds and couch, and playing with all the passion you have.   You can entertain yourself to almost a full hour…we think that is remarkable and above average for a Little Man your age!

Let’s talk about talking…you can put a string of words together that has absolutely no meaning to any of us, yet you know exactly what it is you are talking about.   You do put several phrases together, your latest is READY, SET….GO  it is so dang cute!   You also love knocking on the front door and saying “Who’s there?”  When you climb on top of things you know to say “GET DOWN!”…


but someone always has to get you down!
We know you have talent talking,singing, dancing, and playing. You are still practicing away on your piano skills every day!P1090652

If there’s a single word you should live your life by, it should be this: Love. It might sound corny, I know … but trust me, there’s no better rule in life.

My prayer for you is that you will live your life by the rule of love. Love your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, with all of your heart. Give to them what they need, and show them not cruelty, nor disapproval, nor coldness, nor disappointment, but only love.

Love not only your loved ones, but your neighbors … your coworkers … strangers … your brothers and sisters in humanity. Offer anyone you meet a smile, a kind word, a kind gesture, a helping hand. It will make all the difference in the world!

Little Man I love you to the Moon and Back. You have changed the course of my life and made it worth living. 



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Nancy Mc said...

19 months! Wow. I love the picture at the piano. I hope he gets some of grandma's talent...then gives it to me♥