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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello Winter

Utah’s first major snowstorm of the season arrived early Saturday, and I realized this morning that I am woefully unprepared for winter. Kendry didn’t have gloves, snow pants, or boots….so it was off to the Market Place to get geared up!

Kendry was bundled up, our snowman kit was all ready to go, and out we ventured into the powder!   POWDER POWDER POWDER….snowman will have to join us another day!  With or without a snowman Little Man loved it!

P1090714 P1090716 P1090718

P1090723 He swatted it, tasted it, and then he started crawling around in it.  He was digging a hole in the snow when we decided to try and make a snow angel…he wouldn’t lay still enough for a picture of him but the shape came out very nice!

Tonight he is enjoying the snow from the comfort of our home, next to a cozy warm fireplace to keep us warm!   CUZ…baby it’s cold outside!

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