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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Co-Sleeping Works for US!

P1090732 No this is not our bed…but many days you will find us just like this for nap time…….AND EACH and EVERY night I think about how lucky I am to be able to watch my Little Man fall asleep. I think of how lucky I am to be able to touch him and know that he is a peaceful, safe and warm. I remember the day he was born I promised I would always be there for him;  I promised that I would give my love freely and generously. And I think of how good it is for him to fall asleep every night comforted by the warmth and closeness of the person who loves them the most in this world.

There are no awards for how early a child sleeps alone all night. When I am old and frail he won’t say,  "Mom, thanks for making me sleep alone when I was a baby, or I might never have learned how to sleep!!"

SO……….If I win the Sleep Trophy it will be because my Little Man has not ever cried himself to sleep, aaahhhh without me right there by his side. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to give in to that “I’m So Tired Feeling”

One day he will sleep alone.  And probably the days of crying himself to sleep will come: girlfriends will break up with him or he with them, a family pet will leave this world, he might not get the job he really wanted, a friend will tell him a lie….you get the picture….but it just won’t be because I made him CRY himself to sleep! 

Without guilt……..for as long as I can, I will make bedtime a happy event of togetherness and connection.  It is my privilege to do so.  And in case any of you want to point fingers at me and say SHAM SHAM….

Co sleeping is normal, healthy, safe and most of all… Awesome.

Why? Well just to name a few reasons:

  • Baby sleeps better. Anyway Little Man does. Yes sireeeee he does! 
  • Less mama anxiety. It feels so natural to sleep with him….so I just do it.
  • Feeding time is simple and I get to sleep through it. Mostly.
  • It’s SAFER than a crib. No recalls either. Breathing is regulated. Any problems with baby are known– since the baby is RIGHT next to you.
  • On a side note…we have made Little Man’s Crib into a day bed, he naps there very comfortably and some nights even sleeps there for a few hours…then finds his way to the big bed! 
  • Cute smiley faces in the morning all around! Mostly mine! 
  • Oh and did I mention MORE SLEEP???  Isn’t that reason enough!!!!!

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