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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Green Boogies



Only 9 days into the new year and here we are visiting Dr. D….

It was a complete surprise to Little Man when this huge big green boogie came running down his nose and touched his lips…..gross.

Dr. D gives “me” a complete check over and tells “Mommy”….The color of your snot does not necessarily indicate how sick you are – really green snot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re really sick, and clear snot doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t sick. 

Ears are clear

Lungs are clear

Throat is a touch red


It might “SNOT” be pretty, but your green snot “Little Man” is just a sign that your body is helping you get better quickly!

Now we have some yummy pink Meds that are almost as good as candy! 

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