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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fire Tooooooo..... Close to Loafer

The kids drove to the fire last night about 8:30. The cabin project is about 10 miles east of this fire. It has made all of us a little nervous. I stayed awake until about 1:30 watching the internet for any news.

1 SEATS, 2 Helicopters, 125 Personnel, 2 Heavy Air Tankers

Springville, Salem, Payson, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Santaquin, Genola Forest and wild land fire, Utah County Fire. All of these stations are part of the large crews that are fighting this fire. Thank goodness for this brave group of people who are working to protect those close to the burn.


nancy mc said...

I thought of your family and the cabin as I heard about the fire on the news. Hope they get control and it out SOON!

becausethesunrises said...

How do you get to the tree?
Biggest Rocky Mountain White Fir located in Loafer Canyon

* The Big Tree Loafer Canyon