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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving A Little Early

Turkey Cranberry

Tonight we enjoyed Crockpot Turkey Cranberry Delight

So easy to prepare – So delicious to share!

5 – 6 lb turkey breast – thawed

1/2 cup orange juice

1 pkg dry onion soup mix

1 can whole cranberry sauce

Mix those three ingredient together and pour over the bird!   Set the crock pot on low until the temperature reads 160 on the turkey.   I checked several times through out the day, was worried about it drying out and getting done before it was time for dinner.  I put it on warm for several hours.  2 hours before it was time to set the table I turned it back to low and finished cooking.   It was fabulous. 

The gravy was yummy over mashed potatoes – I strained it, added the package of gravy that was stuffed inside the turkey and thickened with cornstarch!  

Definitely a keeper!  

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Nancy Mc said...

Angie said her family loved it too. Sounds delicious.