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Sunday, November 24, 2013

At the Pool


What does a day at the pool look like………

Kendry on the side pool

A nervous little guy wanting so much to say 'It’s not scary…It’s Fun!”

Kendry at the pool

Lots of laughter and lots of splashing…………

Kendry Grandpa and Ryan at the poolHappy Healthy Children and their grandpa

Kendry hanging on at the pool

My heart is full

That feeling doesn’t just come from anywhere….it comes from places where family brings meaning to life.

A place of gratitude for so many blessings…

A place of contentment knowing that my Little Man is growing, learning, and loving,

A place of awe moments that will dwell inside me forever.

A family of harmony….enjoying the richness of life every minute of every day!

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Nancy Mc said...

What fun! (I wish we were still neighbors too!)