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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Snow Angel Story

If you know Little Man well you know that he has an abhorrence for clothing of any kind.  You will find him at any temperature with the bare minimum on every day….that means a diaper!   Today he decided he wanted to make a snow angel and I told him he needed clothes on because the snow is very cold and will not feel good without clothes on……..a few minutes later he appears in the kitchen with his clothing attire!   Yes, that is snow boats and a warm up jacket.    P1110432 See – Grandma I’m ready! P1110433   Fortunately I was able to convince him (and the cold temperature) that more was needed after I let him venture outside with his above outfit! 

Ready to make snow angelIn the snow angel

Kendry snow angel 

Not much snow and 12 Degrees made our fun only last about 2 minutes……..First snow angel of the year!Snow Angel

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