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Friday, November 8, 2013


The leaves dance around his ankles…he is carefree, happy and content.

photo 2

I love how he runs with abandon.  It doesn’t matter what he looks like, he doesn’t care if his pants don’t match his shirt  he just runs!

His little legs jump to and fro inside the pile and I stand back on the patio and watch from afar. 

photo 3

The sun goes down quickly these days because of the time change, but he fears not the setting of its light.

He is filled with joy and laughter and endless energy, because he is carefree.  He runs because he loves life and how strong his three-year old legs are.  He runs because he can, not because he has to or because he is worried about what he is going to have for dinner tonight…he is carefree!

He plays because he still knows how to celebrate being alive, rather than to challenge it or measure it by accomplishments.  He just absorbs every minute of it!

He runs through the pile with the bounce of Tiger and the leaves scatters as he comes their way!

Soon he looks over to find me and calls to me, “Come Mommy, come run with me in the leaves!”  I go to him because I can and I’m carefree of all of life’s trials if only for a fleeting moment! In beauty we run!

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Nancy Mc said...

So much fun for sure!