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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Kendry

Today my sweet baby you are 2 1/2 years old and oh my goodness are you a handful. I adore you. You fill me with wonder every single day with how smart and strong you are. But the terrible two’s have come to our house for an extended visit.  It is a good thing your level of cuteness is equal to the level of trouble you can cause.  It never fails when we are out shopping, many people stop us to tell us how absolutely darling you are! Sometimes you like it….sometimes you don’t!Kendry

Let’s tell everyone just how much you are growing:
Weight: 27 lbs

Height: 36 inches

Teeth: 16

Shoe Size: 9 …you probably still wear some of your size 8’s, but we only buy 9’s now

Clothes:  Yes you can still wear size 2 …you are a little thing with big feet!

On to the things that keep us going every day!

First, we have an imaginary friend around these days: Her name is Brylie. Now this is a little confusing because we actually have a cousin named Brylie.   At first we thought you were just talking about her, but that is definitely not the case.   Brylie gets to play with some of your toys, but not all of them.  Brylie gets to eat with us and go for rides with us in the car.   She never has a last name and she often gets told “No, Brylie”!  You love imagery play and it is lots of fun for us as well, we are often brought a handful of something to eat from off the floor, the couch, or just pulled out of the air.   

How about the physical activity…you dance, climb, hop, skip and run….did I say run…oh that is an understatement! You’ve never really been the kind of kid to fall down much and you continue to be very coordinated. One of your favorite things to do is throw any kind of ball – you can't catch very well yet, but you love throwing anything.  The living room couches cushions have become our gym.  They are thrown on the floor every night for a dancing session!

You love to travel, be it by car, train or airplane.  Frontrunner is going to Utah County soon and Grandma will be taking you there often…I don’t know who is more excited you to ride the train again or Grandma!!!

Home to Utah

Playtime is all about opening the garage door!  You enjoy it so much that you have over heated Mommy’s, Grandma & Grandpa's, and even Aunt Julie’s & Uncle Jason’s.  Not only the real garage door, but the fridge has a perfect door for opening and closing…hours on end!   Another one of your favorites is the paper airplane.   You will play with an airplane for days and days.   You probably love them so much because Grandpa makes them for you and he takes you to the airport often to see the real thing! 

Eating is a definite “I’ll do it when I’m ready!” You adore fruits of all kinds (especially raspberries right in the store)! Vegetables you love are corn and carrots.   During Thanksgiving dinner you loved to say I need more cado’s (That’s avocadoes)  Since Halloween we've been battling a new love for suckers (awful things) and not just one you need one for each hand.  I'm beginning to think there is a strong connection between unruly behavior and sugar! Not a problem to avoid candy for a 2 year old anyway, right??? Whoever said “Like taking candy from a baby!”….didn’t have a 2 year old!

There is much life ahead for both of us and having you has changed everything within me, it has truly defined me.  I count myself as so much more than just blessed. I've only "peeked" into visions and dreams for your future, and already who you are and who you will grow into entirely blows me away. I love you so much, my Little Man and because of you my spirit is full of joy, continually overflowing….25/8….you see 24/7 just isn’t enough time for all the love I have for you!  Thank you for calling me Mommy, you are my everything!

I love you to the moon and back!


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