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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Countdown #9 – Christmas Spirit

Where do I find the Christmas Spirit.

It’s in your heart, my friend.  It feels warm and shimmery, like a mother’s love for her child.

 Mom and Kendry Kiss

You can’t buy it at any store and you can’t get it from anybody else. It dwells there the whole year through, with faith, hope, and charity. 

It lives next to Forgiveness, Love, and Friendship.  The Spirit of Christmas is Time spent with friends and family sharing all those wonderful traditions.christmas heart

Even though everyone is busy with Doing Christmas…this year Kendry and I will focus on being Christmas.





I believe the real Christmas spirit is a deep-seated lingering joy in knowing that the story of the first Christmas is true!jesus_manger

The little child born in the town of Bethlehem was God himself, come to Earth to save the ones he loves. The baby in the manger was real and all of the things the Bible says about him are true. You can know the peace that comes from knowing that you are loved, that you are forgiven and that there is a God who not only exists, but knows that you exist too and believes in you as well.

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