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Monday, April 23, 2012


Kendry and sinkers DSC_0054 DSC_0050

When I was a child I spent many Sunday afternoons at my cousins’ home with my grandmother.    My Aunt Phyllis was an amazing cook, in fact she was the head cook for several schools in the Nebo School District.  I always asked her to make me a bowl full of “Sinkers”  and she willingly  went to the kitchen and began the laborious task of making the dough.   I love dumplings in all forms – big, little, stuffed, doughy, whatever – but there is a special place in my heart for the humble spaetzle/sinkers, the quick-cooking, wee dumpling from Germany. because of my dear Aunt. I remember the big pot of boiling water, the huge mixing bowl, and her standing over the pot carefully slicing off bits of dough with a knife into the boiling water.    When they floated to the top I knew they were just about ready to be put in front of me!  

I will never be able to duplicate my Auntie’s sinkers… practice and practice is all I can do.   My dear cousin, Susan, told me about this fancy gadget that has helped …since I could never master the bowl and knife technique.   I love to nourish people and see them enjoy what I make and today King Kendry really took to my sinkers  at lunchtime.  

sinker makerDSC_0055  As I said a little prayer asking for help with the task…..I know my Aunt Phyllis was with me in the kitchen coaching me along!  

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