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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hey – Hooray – It’s A Potty Day


DSC_0018We are very happy to report that King Kendry went potty all by himself.   While watching Caillou he started taking off his diaper and ran towards the bathroom….sat down on his Baby Bjorn and tinkled!   Then because he had all his clothes off he figured it was time to bath….he loves bath time!  

Chatting about the whole Potty Training to the world seems a little weird….definitely something we should keep in house….but we were to proud, so excited, and just so thrilled that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves!  (Shhh…I left out the gorse part of him putting his hands in the potty!)

Potty Training, we have read, over and over again…… that it’s really important that you mustn’t start too early for the child and that ‘the right time’ is really dependant on the child…. So we really didn’t consider starting the whole process at all at 22 months.  But today when he started showing us signs….the classic signs you hear about…we think we are on the way to a successful journey! 

Updates to follow!

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